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  • Consumers Want to Know What’s In It For Them

    Complicated visuals and graphics demonstrate how it may be more than what consumers want to know

      Client A: I want the product action to be explained better. Consumers don’t understand how the product works. Devote 60% of the storyboard to product freight. It felt like a bad dream. We wanted to reason out, but this was a briefing for a campaign pitch. Debating with someone we barely knew was hardly Read more…

  • How much can color affect your brand appeal?

    Manny Pacquaio is set against black and orange backgrounds with fictitious product

    The clients were averse to black. They were afraid it would give the brand a negative vibe—especially because the target was masa. They felt those from the lower eco-class might not appreciate our artistic arguments in favor of black as a background color. Dyll walked away dejected. But wanting to learn from the experience, Dyll Read more…

  • Aiming for the Relatable Aspirational Ad

    Showing a man heartily eating while on a magic carpet may be too literal a translation of aspirational

      Pitching a campaign idea to the bosses for a masa fast food joint that aims to be aspirational Madi: How about if we show a man on a magic carpet soaring above the clouds while he’s eating what he ordered? Claire: (deadpan) When I told you to make the target market feel ‘elevated’, I Read more…