Pitching a campaign idea to the bosses for a masa fast food joint that aims to be aspirational

Madi: How about if we show a man on a magic carpet soaring above the clouds while he’s eating what he ordered?

Claire: (deadpan) When I told you to make the target market feel ‘elevated’, I didn’t mean literally.

Madi: Um.. well.. it’s aspirational?

Claire: So you think the people in that demographic dream of floating on a magic carpet?

Madi: Ehehehe. I was trying to visualize kasi an emotional experience of eating in a place that serves great food!

Auri: So bakit magic carpet? What

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has that got to do with being aspirational?

Madi: Because if you’re really tired after a long hard day at work, you reward yourself by eating something really delicious, and it’s like you’re flying among the clouds!

Auri: So it’s more like you’re saying nakaka-high yung sarap.

Madi: (pauses and thinks) I can go with that. (She flashes a wide-eyed smile.)

Claire: I understand your intent, but even the fantastic has to be grounded in reality for the consumer to find it credible. You can have Michael Jordan flying through the air for a dunk shot. Or a FedEx truck zipping through the air to make a delivery. Or even a UFO landing because aliens think your stuff is worth the trip. Hyperboles can work really well, actually, for as long as the consumer can still relate to it. But I don’t see how likening masarap na food to a magic carpet ride will be relatable to this target.

Auri: So if your point was to make it aspirational, it’s not the way to go.

Madi: Ahh, I get it. So, I can just use a flying—

Claire & Auri: No.

Madi: How about a floating —

Claire & Auri: No!

Madi: Maybe a levitating—

Claire & Auri: No!!

[long pause]

Madi: I’ll be back with more down-to-earth ideas.