Dyll guys and girls seated with production people in a conference room.

Guy 1: (addressing the other guys) Nakita nyo

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yung girl sa kabilang room? Yung naka white?

Girls: Is that why you’ve been taking so many trips in and out of this room? Just so you could crane your neck—

Guy 1: Hindi naman. Talaga namang nag-CR ako.

Guy 5: Ako, kumuha ng tubig.

Girls: So hindi nyo napansin na may girl ding naka yellow na mahaba ang buhok?

Guys: (wide-eyed) Naka yellow?!

Guys 2: Teka, mag-C- CR lang muna ako.

Guy 3: Ako, kukuhang tubig.

Girls: Unbelievable! Lahat kayo mga “taken” pero ganun pa rin!

Guy 4: Mga babaero talaga yan eh… pero dun ako sa naka white.

Guy 5: (nods quietly in agreement)

Girls: (amazed) Wala talagang tatalo sa “buzz potential” ng girls sa guys ano?

Because of this conversation, we did a bit of research and found a beauty-based buzz event that has endured the test of time.

As it turns out, the Miss America pageant began as a publicity stunt to get more tourists into Atlantic City after Labor Day way back in 1921.

How successful was it at getting buzz to spread? It was so good that in 1924, the Newspaper Publishers Association of America tried to discourage its members from covering the pageant saying it was “the most flagrant use of free publicity”. Obviously, back in the 1920s, publicity stunts were still considered unethical and tricks being played on the press.

Thanks to journalists ignoring the advice to turn away from the parade of beautiful women, the Miss America pageant endures to this day—and is back in Atlantic City in 2014—proving that a good buzz idea can go beyond its initial purpose and become an institution than opens people’s eyes to the beauty the world has to offer.

Beauty pageant contestants from more covered-up days

The actual Miss America contestants of 1921