It wasn’t just the big accounts from Unilever or Pascual,

nor the free coffee, juice or tea in the pantry,

or the free cake every year for our birthdays.


It was the Dyllites.

They made the long hours seem short,

and the free time more fun.

The big loads become lighter with them.


In Dyll, I found the best mentors, and partners.

These are the people I look up to until now.

In Dyll, I found a family.

One you can’t find anywhere else.

Monica AnunciacionUP Diliman, 2007Former Art Director, Dyll
My years of working in Dyll have been the best experiences of my advertising life so far. It is not for the faint of heart, but It. Is. Worth. Every. Minute. Hands-on experience in all aspects of an IMC campaign, strategic planning beyond compare, and brilliant mentors and friends anyone can ask for all wrapped in a small cocoon tucked away in Quezon City. Life was hectic in between pop culture campaigns and TVCs and photo shoots but not too busy to sneak in a game of charades, roadtrips, random office photo shoots, and costume parties galore. What’s it like to work in Dyll? It’s like working for a world-class advertising agency, and working with real friends and family. It’s the best.
Diane CapileAteneo de Manila, 2004Former Account Director, Dyll


Working at Dyll is all about learning. Dyll is an amazing place where aspiring ad men and women can learn about the industry, how to survive it and have fun while doing it. And I’m pretty sure it has everything to do with the people who run the big little shop. More than bosses and superiors that give you work, they take you under their wings and teach you the styles, secrets and surefire ways of getting things done right.
PJ de JesusUniversity of Santo Tomas, 2005Former Concept Writer, Dyll
Dyll is all about the ads, without the agenda. You won’t find a more nurturing, politics-free workplace where you play as hard as you work. Just a word of warning: if this is your first ad agency– every other one afterwards just might fall short.
Tim De Los ReyesUniversity of Asia and the Pacific, 2002Former Senior Art Director, Dyll

Whenever anybody would ask me, who do I consider as my biggest mentor in advertising, I always give them the same answer: Everything I know, I learned from Dyll. What copywriting is. What advertising is about. How to be bloody strategic. How to accept the death of good ideas. How to kick ass in pitches. Everything.


But what I learned most importantly is that you create your best work when you work with people you like. And that’s what Dyll is – a family. A brilliant, quirky, uniquely dysfunctional family. This agency has an impact that stays with you forever. And not just for us employees – I’m sure clients will say the same thing.

To this day, I fondly think of our cocoon as: home.

Donna DimayugaAteneo de Manila, 2006Former Concept Writer, Dyll
Working in DYLL made me feel like I was a true collaborator in all of my projects. Even if I was in Planning, everything about DYLL is so close-knit that we value each other’s opinion. If I had comments on creative output, it was taken into consideration in all seriousness; if Creatives thought of a better way to improve my strats, the same consideration would also be given. It never got to the point that we were invading their professional space, we just jived so well that we actually enhanced the way we worked as a group.
Niccolo ManahanUniversity of Asia and the Pacific, 2001Former Strategic Planner, Dyll
Delightful years surrounded with very enthusiastic and Youthful people, I feel very Lucky to be part of this family and be trained by the Legendary people of advertising.


Dyllightful, Youthful, Lucky and Legendary

Cathy SangilUP Diliman, 2004Former Senior Art Director, Dyll