The clients were averse to black. They were afraid it would give the brand a negative vibe—especially because the target was masa. They felt those from the lower eco-class might not appreciate our artistic arguments in favor of black as a background color.

Dyll walked away dejected. But wanting to learn from the experience, Dyll decided to verify the client’s point of view. We made up a fictitious brand, grabbed a photo of Manny Pacquiao and conducted one-on-one interviews among 18-30 year old men (9) and women (9) from the CD sector and asked what they thought of the two dummy ads.

Dyll: Alin sa dalawang poster ang mas gusto nyo?

(Which of the two posters do you prefer?)

Men (67%): Mas may angas yung black! Mas maganda. Type ko yung kulay, iba dating. Angat ang cellphone. Mas astig tignan.

(The black has more “oomph”! More attractive. I like the color, it hits me differently. The cell phone stands out. It looks more cool/tough.)

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Women (79%): Mas catchy yung black! Attractive, mas astig tignan. Mas maganda yung kulay. Sosyal, mas may angas. Mukhang matibay.

(The black is more “catchy”! Attractive, looks more cool/tough. The color is more beautiful. Classy, has more “oomph”. It looks more durable.)

Dyll: And what did those who preferred orange say?

Men (33%): Mas okay yung kulay. Mas magaan tingnan. (The color’s better. It’s lighter to look at.)

Women (21%): Light tingnan. Mas maganda. (Light to look at. More beautiful.)

Moral of the story: Pacman is astig, no matter what the color.