First time briefing sessions with Clients:

Client A: A friend of mine told me about you guys. That you do buzz. I think that’s really unique—that’s why I called you in.

Dyll: Great!

Client A: So…how do you guys do it?

Dyll: It’s pretty much a strategic and creative process, too. You brief us on what you want your target consumers talking about, and we’ll get back to you with buzz ideas tailor-made for your brand.

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Client A: No, I mean, how do you do it?

Dyll: Excuse me?

Client A: How do you get the buzz started? Do you go

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door to door and talk to people to get them talking about us?

Dyll: Uh…hmm…um…I guess if we have to?


Client B: We called you in because I really like what you have to offer: Buzz! I want that. We need that. We need to hit our sales target of 1,000 units a week.

Dyll: Great!

Client B: So…what exactly is buzz?

Dyll: Oh! Well, since you called us in looking for a digital campaign, then in your case, it means coming up with an online gimmick that will get the consumers engaged, sharing and passing on whatever it is we’ll dream up for you.

Client B: I like that! Can it work on Facebook?

Dyll: Sure.

Client B: Google ads?

Dyll: Can too! They can drive all traffic to your website.

Client B: Oh, but we don’t have a website.

Dyll: No problem. We’ll drive traffic directly to your stores.

Client B: Oh, we don’t have a store either.

Dyll: (Scratches head)Sales force? Kiosks? Dealers?

Client B: Nope. (Shakes head) None of those either.

Dyll: Uh…hmm…uh…what?


Client C: I’ve never done any buzz marketing before, so I’m really excited to work with you guys.

Dyll: Great!

Client C: So…how do you guys know that what you’ll present to me will really generate buzz?

Dyll: Well, we’ve been at this for over 10 years, so we’ve developed a “B.E.S.T. in Buzz” score sheet. We have predictors for each buzz idea as to how likely it is to generate buzz.

Client C: You mean you score your ideas?

Dyll: Yes, and of course, you only get to see those concepts that get the high marks.

Client C: Does the size of the budget affect the buzz score?

Dyll: No, it doesn’t. There are times when the highest scoring idea ends up the least expensive one to mount.

Client C: That’s great to hear. Can you give me a buzz idea that will cost me nothing?

Dyll: Uh…hmm…uh…what?