Culling all the lessons, research findings and results delivered by our many campaigns across a wide variety of categories, we’ve discovered these common elements essential to getting consumers buzzing about a brand. Click on each letter to read more.

Brand Integration

Branding these days requires much stronger discipline. Gone are the days when a Brand Manager turned to just one advertising agency for all its consumer communications. With so many options by which to reach consumers—from traditional media to digital marketing, OOH to shopper marketing, mobile advertising to brand activations—it gets easy for consumers to lose sight of what your brand is truly saying.

More than ever, integrated marketing communications is key to keeping your brand strong and speaking in one voice at every touch point. Cover your logo. Change the celebrity endorser. Is your advertising still recognizably yours? Make sure that when people start buzzing about your ads and promotions, they clearly know it belongs to your brand and that it reinforces what you’re in their lives for.

Emotional Impact

Brain research has proven that decisions are 90% emotional. That’s why advertising and promotions need to persuade a consumer at an emotional level.

When people fall in love with a brand, they rarely ever recite a product claim’s reason-to-believe. Most of the time, they have no idea what the so-called USP is either. A consumer will be drawn to you because of how you make them feel. Whether it’s through your YouTube video, your brick-and-mortar store, your special event or your Facebook posts, your holistic brand experience must embrace them with the feeling you want to inspire.

Social Merit

Everybody wants to look cool in their cluster, and what’s cool in one cluster may be irrelevant or downright tawdry to the next. What keeps buzz going is one person’s desire to achieve status in his group, and that status may be as simple as being the first to share something cool to his set. Just because your brand is active on Facebook or Instagram won’t get people talking if what’s happening there doesn’t bring social merit when it’s shared.

Triggers Recall

Why do some promos, ads or activations drive flash-in-the-pan excitement then are quickly forgotten? Why do others linger in the mind years after they’re done? It’s because of triggers built into the creative idea that help keep the buzz alive long after the marketing budget has run out. These triggers could be iconic, periodic or even narrative. Whatever the form, the objective is clear: Maximize recall by creating buzz designed to be remembered.