Claire: So here’s the challenge. Make a condom ad targeting the young CDE male.

Dyll Team: What’s the angle? Scent or flavor? Heightened sensation? Durability?

Claire: That

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it’s great for their good-boy image.

Dyll Team: Excuse me? What? Ano ulit?

Claire: Young men from the lower socio-eco class look down on men who buy condoms because they assume they’re up to no good. In contrast, young upscale men consider condom users responsible and mature.

Dyll Team: How did that happen?

Claire: Long story. But here’s a quick snapshot. We asked them which of these situations they liked the most.

Man in dark bedroom with woman in black lingerie


Three teenage girls checking out boy next door at beach

Happy couple in white bathroom

Dyll Team: And the winner is?

Claire: The runaway winner is the couple in the bathroom. Because it looks clean and happy. Second place is the guy being checked out by three girls. It lost because, as one respondent said, “Ano naman ang mapapala ko kung tinitingnan lang ako ng babae.”

Dyll Team: It’s hard to believe they didn’t like the black lingerie.

Claire: It’s not that they didn’t like it. As one guy said, “Kung sa sarili ko lang, eto talaga yung gusto ko.” But he said he wouldn’t want anyone knowing that. So, like I always say, make your ad reflect who the consumer wants to be—not who he really is.